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Brolo Doc Jazz Festival 2023 The Beautiful Voice of Anita Vitale! Listen carefully as Anita effortlessly improvises and orchestrates beautiful harmonies around the melody as I sing James Moody's classic saxophone solo to Moody’s Mood For Love, the most recorded love song in the history of jazz. An experience of a lifetime. A magical evening of music under the stars, that left the audience in awe 🎶. When I glanced into her beautiful eyes, the chills ran through my body as she captured the musical spirit in this great love song. Anita is one of the most talented singers I've ever experienced and shared the stage with. A voice from heaven. My angel in disguised. I love you Anita Vitale ❤️ I know Eddie Jefferson and James Moody are both smiling.. There I Go, There I Go, There I Go... Next In Line It was truly a great honor and pleasure to perform at the Brolo Doc Jazz Festival, Sicily Thank you again Anita, Omar, Stefania, the wonderful musicians, sound engineers, City of Brolo, the Mayor, hotel staff, restaurant owners, new friends and everyone involved with the production. I love ❤️ Brolo, Sicily 🙏 arrivederci ~~ Geojo